4e Metalnach - 9 mei 2019

9 - 10 Mai 2019 vanaf 20.00 uur, Café De Bar


Aggressive, meticulous, passionate, righteous – all distinguishing traits that have come to symbolize the fundamentals of metal/hardcore pioneers PRO-PAIN. Since their crushing 1992 NAIRD nominated debut album Foul Taste Of Freedom, PRO-PAIN have become a staple in the diets of heavy music listeners around the globe. Their successful and enviable career has perpetually prospered throughout its course, and yet they still manage to find room to improve, and more importantly, impress. Each and every PRO-PAIN album is a paragon of intensity, inspiration, honesty and unwillingness to compromise. Their latest (and 15th) studio effort entitled Voice Of Rebellion is a testament to those very same qualities.


MASS DECEPTION is a Dutch thrashmetal-band founded end 2015.

Their debut album REVELATIONS was released through RVP Records in 2016 and got awesome reviews of national and international press.

End 2018 Roger "Stocky" Stockbroeks (Powervice, Stormrider) entered the band turning it to an aggressive yet melodic thrashmetal bulldozer.

Their follow up and 2nd album REDEMPTIONS will be released through record label RVP Records beginning of 2019

 MD is Stockbroeks (vocals), BÃnziger (guitars), Waltmans (guitars), Van den Beuken (bass) and Soren (drums)

More info? Visit http://massdeception.nl/ or even better join their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MassDeceptionOfficial/

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